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Mission 8: Destruction
As this mission begins, you're confronted by Yuri. He tells you that Romanov has been murdered by Vladimir. Naturally, this makes Vladimir less than a person in the eyes of the Soviet Union. The former General is currently holed up. You must capture the building he is in and dispose of this corrupt General.

This mission is rough at first, but once you get going, you shouldn't have that tough of a time of it. Start by deploying your MCV immediately. You may have to move your troops initially to allow it to deploy.

You'll notice that your starting troops include four Desolators. These guys are extremely useful at the start of this mission. As you are getting under way, send one slightly north of your base, another to the southwest, and the other two to the northeast. Move all your Conscripts to the northeast, as well, and have them occupy the bunker and the tents.

Enemy Conscripts under Vladimir's control drop in at the start of the mission. You can see the shadows of the Paratroopers as they descend. Place a Desolator directly under these shadows and deploy him. He'll kill off these Conscripts as soon as they touch ground. This happens three times. The first is just north of your base, the second is to the southwest, and the third, which is a very large drop, is near the tents.

With this initial attack taken care of, start building your base in earnest. You need a couple of Tesla Reactors, a Barracks, a War Factory, a Radar Tower, and a Service Depot, as well as a Battle Lab. Beyond this, add base defenses as you need or desire them, with Tesla Reactors as needed.

You should build a few Flak Tracks to act as defense against the V3 Launchers that appear to the south on the bridge. Take these out with your starting Apocalypse Tanks when they appear.

Once you're set with your base, this mission is a lot of fun. Build yourself a few more War Miners if you haven't already, then start turning out Apocalypse Tanks and V3s. Keep a close watch on the ore to your immediate east. When this runs out, pull your miners back. If they head into enemy territory now, they'll be carved up quickly.

Instead, create a group of Conscripts and send them north until they find the Lincoln Memorial. Have them destroy this, then pick up the crate that appears. You get $8,000 for doing this, which buys you a few more Apocalypse Tanks.

When you're ready, move a force of Apocalypses down into the large ore field to your southeast. These tanks blast through enemy War Miners in just a few hits, so have them take out everything. Explore the enemy base carefully, being particularly cautious of the Tesla Coils. These you can take out with your own V3s.

Leave a bunch of your Apocalypse Tanks in the ore field, and start mining again. Leave a few more back at your base. Take a couple additional Apocalypse Tanks and probe the base to the west of this ore field. Three tanks should have little trouble dismantling it completely, again with the caveat that the Tesla Coils should be eliminated with V3s.

From this point on, it's really just a case of rolling up the enemy and keeping them contained. Push east with your Apocalypse Tanks and have the V3s follow along to take out any dangerous structures. Destroy any significant buildings you come across for the substantial cash reward. Move east, taking out anything you spot. You may wish to capture a building or two and use it as a forward position. If you do, build a Barracks and a few Tesla Coils here.

In the southwest, you find a pair of destroyed bridges, one of which can be repaired. Do so, and send over a couple of Apocalypse Tanks. There are a couple of enemies here, six trucks, and the Jefferson Memorial. Destroy everything. You'll get a series of crates filled with cash, power-ups, a Tesla Tank, and an extra War Miner-not a bad haul.

Your Barracks should be pumping out Tesla Troopers and Conscripts. Have these follow the Apocalypse Tanks east, catching anything the tanks miss. The Conscripts can garrison any buildings they find.

The only thing you really need to be careful of is the hideout itself. Once you get an Engineer into this building, the mission ends.