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Mission 9: The Fox and the Hound, San Antonio
In your continuing efforts to remove the Americans from the war, it occurs to you that one of the fastest and best ways to eliminate them completely is to bring the President of the United States to your side and have him simply surrender. Of course, he won't do this willingly, so he must be mind controlled first. Your task is to take control of the American President's mind using Psi-Corps Troopers.

As the mission starts, a massive airdrop of Conscripts descends around the Alamo and is mercilessly slaughtered by the Prism Towers and Navy SEALS guarding the old fort. Fortunately, this airdrop was merely a diversion staged to allow you to get a pair of Yuri units into the area. They drop in a few blocks away from the Alamo.

Immediately, one of the Psi-Corps Troopers captures an IFV. Pull it back to your two units. Move the pair north to the small Allied base. The Psi-Corps Trooper who's currently walking should mind control one of the two GIs here. The GI will start shooting at the other and will probably be killed in the fight. Don't worry about it. Have the IFV slam into the other GI, and mind control an Engineer.

With the Engineer, you can take the Barracks. Control the other Engineer, take the Battle Lab. This allows you to build Spies, which can be useful later in the mission. If you run out of money you can always sell the Battle Lab for additional cash. Now you can produce some units, and you need them. Create a couple Engineers and a host of GIs. You'll be using 10-man GI teams to accomplish a few goals.

Start moving your GI teams carefully through the map, capturing buildings and eliminating resistance. Of particular importance are the groups of Attack Dogs and GIs roaming around outside the Alamo. Take the Psi-Corps Trooper in the IFV and move him into the northwest corner. There's another small Allied base here containing a Sniper, a tank, several GIs, a NightHawk Helicopter, a Power Plant, and, most importantly, a Tech Airport. The first thing you need to do is get the Sniper out of there. Approach from the north side of the enemy base and use a Psi-Corps Trooper to eliminate the enemy Gis. After the GIs are gone you can mind-control the enemy Grizzly Tank and destroy the Patriot Missile. Then use the tank to destroy the Pillboxes. Now move the tank away and mind-control the Sniper again. You can now capture the Tech Airport, and you still have the Sniper that you can use to kill enemy SEALs.

Now have the Psi Corps Trooper capture the tank and blast a hole in the wall. Move the tank up and destroy as many of the GIs as you can, but don't worry if you don't get them all. Send in your own team of 10 GIs to pacify the area, but stay behind the walls so you don't have to deal with the Pillboxes. Destroy the Power Plant and move in an Engineer to capture the airfield.

Now you can produce Paratroopers, which you should drop around the Alamo. The Alamo itself is heavily fortified. There's no good way in, since each entrance is protected by dogs, SEALs, and Prism Towers. Place your Conscripts into the buildings around the area in case the Allies move out. Have your other Psi-Corps Trooper unit move into the area around the Alamo, staying west.

You can have a few sets of Conscripts paradrop into this area and control a few of the buildings. With the second Psi-Corps Trooper, who also should have an IFV under his control, blast a hole in the back wall. You want to enter near the Allied Power Plants. Don't worry if this IFV is destroyed. If it is, have this Psi-Corps Trooper capture one of the tanks in the area. Use these units to destroy the Power Plants. You need to get two of them to prevent the Prism Towers from firing.

You can also drop some Conscripts into the small compound on the south end of the screen. Have them destroy the six trucks here, then grab all the crates that appear. You get a stack of cash you can use to make more GIs, as well as three good power-ups. You can capture the Service Depot with an Engineer and sell it if you wish, but it's barely worth the trouble to do so. You can also keep the Service Depot and use it to repair any vehicles you control with one of your Yuris.

The SEALs are a constant problem. The good news is that Yuri can safely capture SEALs from outside their attack range. Grab a few SEALs and turn them on each other to clear out the area. Continue to destroy buildings, concentrating on Power Plants first, then whatever else you can find. However, because the Power Plants are so essential to keeping the Prism Towers offline, you shouldn't destroy anything else until all the Allied Power Plants are gone.

Once you've dealt with these inconveniences, all that remains is taking the President. Move in with the Psi-Corps Trooper and capture a SEAL guarding the President. Use this unit to clear out the remaining Allies and buildings, then move the captured SEAL to a distant location, preferably near a garrisoned structure. Now, have the Psi-Corps Trooper capture the President to complete the mission.